Sterling Silver

All jewellery now displayed are priced below retail. More irems will be entered here  over the next few weeks. Many items will be one only as we are no longer manuafacturing jeweller for the trade. We may however be able to replace lost half pair of earrings this company has made. It has been in business since 1958  which originally only sold to the retail trade. Here and overseas. 

A purchace can have a valuation at retail price for insurance if  requested on purchace, a name and address will be needed for this document. 

 All coloured stones will be listed as genuine/natural .Most coloured stones are treated in some way to-day to enhance colour. Stones which are synthetic/manmade, will be listed as we do not use a lot of these it is inportant to us that you will be informed.

9ct. 14ct. 18ct . platinum has been used  to make our jewellery this will be listed. Many items are one off design , the classic jewellery is made a better weight than what is normally sold to-day as patterns were heavier in the past.

If more information on the item of choice, please feel free to ask.We also have some lose stones for sale.